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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, now think of a photograph that you have never taken or that you have lostyour baby bump, your newborn child, first steps, your family all together for once… What price would you put on this photo today? Photo shoots for moms-to-be, newborns and families in general are a unique experience, a wonderful moment spent together that will be invaluable for years to come.

Choosing a professional photographer means entrusting the taking of your maternity, newborn and family portraits to a professional photographer, like me, but above all writing a piece of your own history through quality images. At the same time, it means choosing to have an unconventional gaze on you, used to capturing the best of situations, discovering and recounting details that you would probably never have noticed and that will excite you long afterwards.

maternity maternità fotografo gravidanza milano bergamo in attesa pregnancy

Something like magic, something difficult to explain, something close to love.

Newborn children shootings require patience, listening, sensitivity to their needs and those of their parents and family, which is why I work mainly “at home”, namely I portray you at home or in a location you love without posing and instead trying to create very peaceful situations in which genuine emotions are manifested. I prefer to realise maternity and family services outdoors, in a natural setting and taking advantage of the best light of the day, namely when the sun rises or when it starts to set; this is because the atmosphere is more relaxed and spontaneous. In this way, the images captured will reflect your family and your life in an even truer and more authentic way.

I feel happy when I can give you a unique experience and leave you with timeless images – photos of your children, family or motherhood – with a strong emotional impact. Give yourself and your children something unique: a piece of your story, of your pregnancy and of their childhood, but above all an indelible memory.

Nine months of eager anticipation, many plans, dreams and hopes. So many emotions that only an expectant woman and a new mother can describe, and why not do it through a beautiful photograph?
Recount the joy of those nine, enchanting, months and the first days at home with the new arrival with a photo shooting that will make you relive one of the happiest moments of your life, even after some time.

In order to capture these special moments with the right delicacy and care, the photo session will take place either at your home or outdoors in a quiet place in the countryside; this way you can take all the necessary breaks and all the peace and quiet possible will be guaranteed for the mother, baby and family, so that the shoot can be carried out in complete serenity.

As for ‘where’ we will shoot the newborn, there are no particular problems, just a bright corner of your house, perhaps near a window, so that you can make the most of natural light without resorting to artificial lights and flashes. That is why I always suggest taking advantage of the morning hours or possibly in fine weather the early afternoon. The family and maternity service, on the other hand, is more spontaneous in an outdoor location surrounded by nature, in a quiet space and with the sunlight after sunrise or before sunset making everything magical (in my area there are several interesting, tried and tested places to use as a backdrop or if you know of any useful locations near your home or in a convenient spot we can use those). The service will last an hour at most so as not to make you too tired!

The shooting is a reportage, which means that I don’t have maternity or baby clothes for my clients; this is because I don’t want to create ‘standardised’ services but prefer my clients to remain true to themselves and feel comfortable during the photo sessions. I can provide some baby clothes (a few fabric hats) and a couple of accessories (a basin, a wooden box). Details and/or special requests will be defined prior to the photo shooting.