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I am Carlotta,
I am a photographer
who tells love stories

I like to observe and tell stories through what I see, capturing true, unrepeatable moments of life that can be preserved forever. I love photographing happy moments and love in all its aspects, paying attention to details and pursuing the beauty of imperfection. And this is exactly what makes me love this job: the chance to be close to people in their special or everyday moments and to know that I will be able to move them over time thanks to those exact details, memories and images that make a story interesting, fascinating, but above all unique because only yours.

My philosophy

I would like to take care of your important but also ordinary moments, so that you can simply be yourself, focus on your happiness and enjoy the moment. I will be a discreet, attentive, gentle presence, with the passion and artistic sensitivity that characterises my work, which is special and different from that of any other photographer. I consider my work as tailor-made stories, created to move you and make you happy even years later.

What I can do for you